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Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Cloth

     Beijing Jlsun High-tech Co., Ltd has developed a new textile that acts as a shield against electromagnetic waves, thus preventing possible serious harm to those exposed to high levels of EM radiation. This revolutionary fabric uses a special technology to weave together cotton fibers, metal fibers that shield against electromagnetic radiation, and fibers that are transparent to far infrared waves. The result is a fabric that effectively protects against harmful electromagnetic waves, while transmitting beneficial far infrared waves. Although this is an ideal product for health care professionals, it is intended for use not only in workplaces where electromagnetic radiation exposure is especially high, but also in homes and for families.
     Jlsun's anti-electromagnetic radiation clothing has been determined by many accreditation agencies (e.g. the Chinese Military Hygeian Testing Center, the China Academy of Spaceflight Medication and the Beijing Academy of Labor Protection) to have excellent electromagnetic wave shielding qualities, with efficacies greater than 20dB attenuation. The fabric's EM radiation reduction rate is over 85%, while its Occupancy Shielding bandwidth is about 500 KHz-6GHz. Its far-infrared radiation transmission rate is higher than 85%. It also has many other desirable properties. It is: anti-bacterial, pleasant to the touch, durable when washed, anti-static, breathable, and soft.


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